Why is Greek coffee healthier than your cup of Joe?

Greek coffee pot

Coffee is said a super-food because it contains powerful antioxidants and other vitamins that can help to prevent many kinds of diseases such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, Parkinson’s, cancer, and many more. However, not all the coffee you drink is healthy it depends on what type of coffee and the thing you add in your coffee.

Worldwide studies have concluded that the Greek coffee is considered the healthiest coffee in the world because of its significant health benefits.

Here is the reason’s why the Greek coffee is healthier than your cup of Joe.

1. Unlike your regular Joe, Greek coffee is typically sipped slowly in social gatherings, with family and friends at home or in a café. Highlighting that one of the health benefits of the Greek coffee itself is the fact that you can enjoy the drink with your family and friends, which is said to reduce overall stress.

2. The process of boiling Greek coffee produces a better endothelial function than other types of coffee. The endothelium layer lines blood vessels and is influenced by aging and lifestyle habits. But this doesn’t mean you can gulp up cups of coffee, past studies have suggested drinking coffee in moderation can boost endothelial health and reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

“Boiled Greek type of coffee, which is rich in polyphenols and antioxidants, and contains only a moderate amount of caffeine, seems to gather benefits compared to other coffee beverages,” says University of Athens professor and study leader Gerasimos Siasos.

3. Studies also suggested Greek coffee can reduce the risk of premature death. It is rich in chlorogenic acid, polyphenols, lipid-soluble substances, and other heart-healthy compounds. Greek coffee has been shown to help protect the arteries and boosts overall immune health.

4. Greek coffee can also prevent the risk of type 2 diabetes because drinking one cup of Greek coffee increases the levels of hormones in the blood known as SHGB – which is responsible for keeping testosterone and estrogen levels, at normal rates.

5. Furthermore, Greek coffee helps to speed up the metabolism which is said to help lose weight. So, by drinking one cup of Greek coffee, your metabolism increases by 15%.

The preparation and concentration of Greek coffee are what made it superior that delivers protective compounds in each little cup.

Source Greek City Times