Why We Need Coffee Tables?


Coffee tables do a lot of convenience to our home. We need a coffee table to hold books, magazines, food, drinks, serves as a study space for kids and even game for game nights. So, make sure that when getting a coffee table it’s a good one.

In choosing, the right coffee table it is important to keep in mind to think about what you need your table to do for you. Your table should be functional and not just for display. Identifying your need will help you to choose the perfect coffee table that suits your needs and style.

Photo Credit to: www.lilyfieldlife.com
Photo Credit to: www.lilyfieldlife.com

New Year New Coffee Table

Before buying any furniture make sure to measure first the area so you can see the scale of the piece in the room and how that affects the surrounding furniture. Having the right measurement will help you find the perfect coffee table that is functional for your space. A classic coffee table size is 48 by 24 inches this is an ideal coffee table size for small living rooms.

A coffee table serves as a focus furniture in a room, and if you don’t want that kind of feel, you can opt for a glass top table that will blend well with other furniture in the room.


Metal bases with glass top is another fabulous option, to keep the room feel open. The only downside for glass tops is you’ll see a green tint on the sides, but you can always order a specialty glass that is clear and doesn’t have tint on the sides.


If you want a table to be the focus of the room, go for a pop of color. You can order customized upholstered coffee table, in this way you can incorporate the colors you want and bring out the artistic side of you. Upholstered coffee tables are best to put trays to hold your coffee, books and other things on top. Keep this in mind that upholstered coffee tables are more delicate than wood tables that’s why choose your fabric wisely since people often put their feet with shoes on the table.

If you can’t decide what coffee table to have, you can browse thousands of inspirational photos on the web. Vintage coffee tables add a history – it tells a story in a room and adds a cozy feeling to every home.


With all said the best rule when buying a coffee table is to make sure the table works for your space as well as for your aesthetic.