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Fika Cafe, Toronto Canada

Fika Cafe, in Toronto Canada

Are you looking for your next coffee destination? This cafe in Canada called Fika Cafe, in Toronto is a must-try coffee shop,...
two people drinking coffee | Lovers Coffee

What does your choice of beverage tell about your personality?

Are you a tea or a coffee lover? What does your choice of beverage tell about your personality? Both...
Decaf vs regular coffee

Which is better Decaffeinated or Regular Coffee?

Coffee has become part of our daily diet where sometimes we became immobile when we haven't drink our cup of java. Because...
Ensaymada sweet soft bun recipe weekend coffee treat

Ensaymada Recipe| Weekend Coffee Treat

Coffee alone is good but accompanied by cake or pastry is even better. For this coffee weekend treat, we were inspired by...
Coffee beans

The Hidden Coffee farm In the Pearl of the Orient

Columbia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Indonesia are known to be the top producing countries of coffee. But did you know in the history...
Coffee shop near me

The Most Trendy Coffee Shops in Dubai.

These trendy coffee shops in Dubai is not your average place for a cup of coffee, and here is why?
The health benefits of adding salt in coffee.

What does salt can do to coffee? | Coffee Health Benefits

What is the weirdest thing you added to your coffee?   There are a lot of practices all over the world in...
Lady and the mug Coral Springs, Florida

Lady And The Mug, a playful coffee shop, in Coral Springs,...

Are you always on a search for a new coffee place to try over the weekend or maybe a place where you...
four types of coffee beans

Organic vs. Regular Coffee Beans

How do you choose your coffee beans? Coffee aficionados say that one of the primary factors in making a great cup of...
Coffee Shops in Nashville for Coffee Lovers

Nashville Coffee Shops for Coffee Lovers

What is not to love in a coffee shop when they have coffee and snacks accompanied by a piece of good sounding...
girl drinking coffee

The health benefits of coffee to the skin.

Have you tried using coffee to your beauty regimen? Do you notice that the beauty industry is slowly incorporating coffee to their...
The best coffee bar in Stamford , Connecticut

The best coffee shops in Stamford, Connecticut

Do you always get your coffee from Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts every time you visit a new city? Well, did you know...