5 Unique Coffee Houses To Try In London

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Are you a coffee lover? I know you were because you are reading this blog :).To pump up our coffee conversation, why not go ahead and do yourself a cup of coffee while enjoying reading this blog. So, we will be talking the coffee wonders around the world, that most of us didn’t know they exist.

If you love traveling and exploring new cities, find great food and a great coffee shop then you will love this blog. Even if you are not a traveler and planning a trip to some of these places then you are lucky because you already have a one-stop guide that you can add to your list, and you can visit when you go to this places.

I should say that London is one of the most amazing places to visit, not just because of their beautiful buildings , but also of their superb cosine and coffee houses. London is so blessed with thousand of coffee shops around the city from Notting Hill to Camden, Soho, Shoreditch and Covent Garden. It is really a hard place not to find a good coffee house for a cup of espresso or latte.

Argh! I can imagine enjoying myself having a flat white or a gingerbread latte inside a cozy and unique setting in the coffee houses of London.Yum!

When you visit London, don’t settle for what you just see on the streets, go beyond the city and you will see amazing coffee houses that offer a superb cup of coffee and has a unique and cozy ambiance to it, that I know you will surely love.

Watch House Coffee

During the previous centuries, this old building was used to be a watched-house for keeping an eye for grave-robbers for the local cemetery. But now this was renovated and become a little coffee shop, a perfect place to grab an espresso or a lovingly made coffee and a place to shop for locally made artwork. This cute coffee house was based on the Bermondsey Street London.

The-Watch-House-Interior-1-credit-Nina-Fraser IMG_0316 10954748_1005370629475789_1556364463_n

Change Please Coffee Carts

This coffee house is a True coffee with a heart!So, I should say you must go and buy your coffee with them. Change Please Coffee carts are one of the unique ways of selling a freshly ground coffee beans. Buying a bag of coffee is worth every penny because you are making a difference. This organization is not just selling for profit but every time you buy a bag of coffee beans with them you are helping the homeless people too. They are not hard to find coffee vendors because they can be found all around the city of London. Each coffee carts is managed and run by homeless people, who were employed in the organization to make a difference in coffee selling in a much more ethical experience.

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Coffee Cake & Kisses

This is a coffee house for all, regardless of our race, sexuality, gender or nationality we are all welcome in this coffee house. This is one of the London first funded eateries and coffee house. The coffee house was made not just to cater coffee but also to promote relationships with each other in all races. Aside from the make delicious treats this coffee house also has an intimate style of ambiance, where there is room for couples who wants to talk more privately and a wall where you can write and leave your thoughts and have posted on the wall.

image TFP_Summer15_CoffeeCakeKisses5_RGB


If you were on a longer Holiday trip, then you must wait and have experienced this amazing coffee shop that only opens every weekend between 10-3pm. Nan is a pop-up coffee shop, run by the older generation in the community. Nana is located on the same block of the Elderfield Pub in East London. This pop-up shop goal is to make isolated people make new friends and make special projects for the whole community, while making a fabulous coffee.

Coffee-Shops-unique-in-London-3 AN28887168Picture-by-Daniel

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

Are you looking for a coffee house where you can find a new BFF to snuggle? Well, Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium is the best place to visit. This coffee house is filled with snuggly cats, where you can have the best latte in your life while hugging one of the cats, Isn’t this amazing right? This Cat Emporium Cafe was located in London’s Bethnal Green Road.

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Well, there are so much more amazing coffee shops around the world that I want to try. For now, these are the list of coffee shops I can share with you when you want to room around London. These coffee shops are a surefire to meet your expectations when it comes to giving a superb coffee experience. Be sure to get subscribe to us to get notified for our next coffee exploration.