Can coffee cause dehydration? True or False?


Let’s admit it that coffee is addictive but does it mean drinking a lot of coffee causes dehydration?

Caffeine is the major substance of coffee that cause psychoactive to perk people up but does it mean having too much caffeine can cause dehydration? Well, according to a new study coffee consumption doesn’t cause dehydration. Drinking caffeine-containing beverages don’t cause a fluid loss in excess of the volume ingested. While it’s true that drinking coffee has a diuretic effect – meaning it may cause you the need to urinate, but this doesn’t imply the risk of dehydration.


Coffee cup and beans on a white background.

A group of researchers at the University of Birmingham in the U.K conducted a study on the fluid levels of 50 men who had a habit of consuming about three to six cups of coffee each day.

With this kind of moderate coffee consumption, the authors conclude that “coffee … provides similar hydrating qualities to water.”

This new study adds to the evidence, that among everyday coffee drinkers — say, those of us who routinely sip a cup of Joe or two at the office — the old wives’ tale that coffee will lead to dehydration is really just that: a tale.

Though this study proves that drinking coffee doesn’t cause dehydration it doesn’t mean you don’t need water anymore when it comes to overall health. Always remember that too much caffeine in the body has also a negative effect, and water is the best drink for rehydrating after fluids have been depleted.

Bottom line: A daily coffee habit won’t lead to dehydration. But it’s best to limit caffeine to moderate levels to steer clear of jitters and interruptions to sleep.

Enjoy your coffee folks and drink it moderately!