Coca-Cola Plus Coffee The New Drink To Beat the Summer Heat

Australia is beating the summer heat with the newly launched Coca-Cola Plus Coffee.

This summer, Coca-Cola Australia is launching a limited-edition fusion to provide the perfect post-midday boost.

One of the biggest names in the beverage industry is now paving its way into adding coffee products to their brand.

Coca-cola had released their new summer limited edition Coca-Cola Plus Coffee Zero Sugar drink in Australia.

“We know Australians love coffee, so we thought why not give them more of what they want,” brand manager Evgenia Papageorgiou said. “Coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the country. We wanted to surprise them this summer with a new refreshing way to enjoy the taste of their favorite brew.”

It’s not the first time the big brand had made this coca-cola coffee product you might remember Coca-Cola BlaK, which we had the chance to try in the United States a few years ago. But the consumers are not happy with the beverage. The brand also released the Coca-Cola Plus in Japan that is better and a little tastier, according to Shin-Shouhin “the drink doesn’t really smell like coffee or Coke at all, which is a bit off-putting, as the two tastes compliment each other. Apparently, it has a cola-like taste, but a weird coffee aftertaste.”

Iced Coca-Cola Plus Coffee
Photo courtesy to Coca-Cola Company

And now the brand is expanding its territory launching their Coca-Cola Plus to several countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and now in Australia.

The version introduced in Australia has more caffeine than a regular Coke, but less than a cup of coffee, according to the company.

The combination of the two drinks sounded weird, but we think anything you can add to coffee will taste good.

Coca-Cola is trying to find ways to keep people interested in its namesake brand, even as it works to adapt its lineup of drinks to reflect changing tastes. The efforts come as the world’s largest soda maker faces growing concerns about sugar consumption, with the United Kingdom, Mexico, South Africa and several U.S. cities implementing special taxes on sugary drinks.

The idea for this new beverage combining coffee and coke is to address the health concerns regarding the brand itself by reformulating certain drinks to have less sugar.

Australian drinking Coca-Cola Plus Coffee
Photo courtesy to Coca-Cola Company

Coral Colyer, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs Manager at Coca-Cola South Pacific explained that getting the taste right was only part of the challenge for the technical team. They also needed to ensure that the drink was sugar-free.

“We know that consuming less sugar is important to a lot of Australians, so we challenged the technical team to come up with the right flavor combination in a sweet, but sugar-free, beverage,” Colyer said.

“The result still has Coke’s well-known taste with mild sweetness and a rich coffee aroma, creating a multi-sensory experience,” she added.

Just as important was ensuring that the coffee flavor was derived from original sources, in this instance 100% Brazilian coffee beans.

“We wanted to replicate as much of that joyful feeling of a cup of coffee as much as possible, but with the summer fun of serving Coca-Cola ice-cold,” Colyer said.

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