Coffee Guilty Pleasure 101: Mcdonalds Mocha Frappe

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A Must Try For The Holiday Season

Holidays are the best season to enjoy good food and drink great coffee so, here’s our first coffee guilty pleasure that every coffee lover should try this season.

Mcdonalds Mocha Frappe

If you loved the Mcdonalds Mocha Frappe but don’t like to spend $4 each time you craved, then you better do this superb do it at home Mcdonalds Mocha Frappe at home. This coffee is perfect for the Holiday season to share with your families and friends, and you can even have this coffee as a dessert for your Holiday gatherings.


Refrigerated 2 cups Almond milk
1 Chocolate syrup
1 Chocolate bar
Whipped cream
2 cups Coffee
cup scant 1/4 sugar


1.Brew coffee and let cool to almost room temperature.
2.Carefully pour coffee into ice cube trays and freeze.
3.Add frozen coffee cubes, almond milk, chocolate syrup and sugar to the blender.
4.Blend until desired texture is reached.
5.Top with whipped cream, a drizzle of chocolate syrup and shaved chocolate if you’d like.

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So, you might be wondering why I freeze all the ingredients if I can blend it directly? Well it just simple, I don’t like to water down my ingredients because I want to get the flavorsome, rich, creamy texture of my Mocha frappe. By freezing the ingredients, you get the frozen component to make it nice and icy, but without diluting your drink!

The first time I tried recreating this at home this coffee frappe is really the bomb! Try also to do this at home if you prefer a caramel flavor, you can easily swap out the chocolate syrup for a caramel sauce.

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