Coffee a Sustainable Alternative to Palm Oil.

Scottish Entrepreneurs Revive Eco aims to replace palm oil into coffee waste
Photo Credits to Revive Eco website via BBC News

Coffee is such manifold species where it can not only power the body, but coffee can also be a sustainable alternative to palm oil that often found in many household products.

Almost numerous household items at home are consist of palm oil. In South East Asia, Africa, and parts of Brazil they use palm oil as alternative sustainable energy for crude oil, and in many parts of the world Palm oil is found in many household items from cooking to beauty products. In the United States and Europe, the refined form of palm oil is a valuable element for many food items such as margarine, confectionery, chocolate, ice cream, and bakery products. Palm oil is also widely used for soap and candle making, and its often found in your favorite cosmetic brands.

Because of the high demand for Palm oil, it causes high jeopardy for the environment, especially to the rainforest of Asia, which is the biggest producer of palm oil not only that, but it also causes havoc to the Orangutans which are endangered species in Asia.

That is why two Scottish entrepreneurs aim to replace palm oil in the more sustainable use by repurposing coffee waste by extracting the oil to create a new substance of all-purpose oil.

Hence, coffee is the second most traded commodity next to oil, where almost 2 million cups of coffee are consumed every day, and six million tonnes of coffee waste is sent to landfill every year, so why not make the coffee waste into more use rather than just a one-hit wonder powering the body.

Revive Eco Co-founders Scott Kennedy and Fergus Moore during their interview at Glasgow Lives By Elaine Livingstone

The new Scottish entrepreneurs Scott Kennedy and Fergus Moore has put up an environmentally conscious company called Revive Eco that globally aims to help the environment by replacing the palm oil into coffee oil by extraction from the coffee waste.

During the interview of Fergus Moore to BBC Radio’s Good Morning Scotland, he said, “About 60% of a cafe’s waste is about coffee grounds.

“In Scotland, that amounts to about 40,000 tonnes a year – across the UK, more than half a million tonnes.

“And coffee grounds are so heavy that it takes their waste bill through the roof.”

Revive Eco is strengthening their process to which it extracts and purify the oil from the coffee waste to have a sustainable oil which can replace the palm oil and can be used to many household products like food, cosmetics, and other pharmaceutical goods.

The two entrepreneurs started their journey as a vision, and now they are slowly putting up their dream into action.

“Having worked in cafes and restaurants for a number of years, we became sick and tired of seeing more and more coffee grounds being needlessly sent to landfill,” the brand’s website reads.

“In the UK, we drink 55 million cups of coffee each day, leading to over half a million tonnes of coffee grounds being generated and wasted. We strive to radically change mindsets and show that materials can still possess huge value, even after being used for their primary purpose.

“We set out with the simple ambition of finding a use for coffee beyond the usual morning pick-me-up and bringing new life to what was previously viewed as waste.”

The startup company Revive Eco are still in need of funding for their project, and they have secure £235,000 fund from the Zero Waste Scotland agency. They are also looking forward to representing Scotland and Northern Ireland in the Chivas Venture competition and hopes to win the share of £776,000 for the additional fund.