Redcup Coffee House in Perm Russia

Red Cup iCoffee House in Perm Ural Rusiia

Taking about hippy on a millennial vibe this new coffee shop Redcup Coffee House in Perm, Russia is everything from coffee to the striking interiors design will make you fall in love in this coffee house.

The first Russian coffee experience was dated back in the era of Peter the Great. He “discovered” coffee while in Holland, became fond of it and brought the drink to Russia at the beginning of the XVIII century. At first, the court noblemen (or “boyare”) called this “outlandish pot” a “smut syrup”. The Tsar, though, urged them “not to cast aspersions on the praiseworthy drink”. So little by little coffee caught on in the country. The first coffee house in Russia was opened in 1720 in St. Petersburg Peter and Paul Fortress and was called “Chetyre Fregata” (“Four Frigates”). — Kremlin Tour

Speaking about the fact that Russia is chiefly tea lovers, coffee has found its way to gain its spot to the Russian appetite for a new beverage. According to the CNN report, the coffee consumption in Russia has dramatically increased — from a $750 million market in 2001 to $2.5 billion in 2011.

Now Russias’ coffee industry is upraising, and a lot of coffee shops are popping here and there around the city, and they are not the typical kind of coffee shops, but they are tasteful in interior designs that create an artistic space for coffee lovers to enjoy while having a cup of coffee.

ccto: Allartsdesign

The Redcup Coffee House in Perm is an example of an artistic coffee shop in Russia, where the small space did not limit this coffee house to represent such a strong emotion through its art.

The design of this coffee house Redcup is a collaboration project of Allartsdesign led by designer Saranin Artemy. The inspiration for the colorful design is the abundant sunlight coming inside the coffee house through its large window that strikes to all the colors which are pleasing to the eyes of their guest that brings a bright atmosphere to the coffee shop.

Red cup coffee house design by Allartsdesign
Red cup coffee house design by Allartsdesign

The bold painting of a girl on the wall is said to give a striking look to you when you pass the coffee house. Everything about the interiors of Redcup is trendy and oozing with personality.

Apart from the beautiful atmosphere, Redcup Coffee House offers a well-made selection of in-house and specialty coffee blends that are paired well with their selection of cakes and pastries. Aside from the variety of their menu, they also have affordable prices which make you order, a cup of coffee or two. The wide assortment of coffee and pastries, great atmosphere, affordable prices, and the warm service is what makes the coffee lovers persisted on coming back to this coffee house.

Redcup espresso and cappuccino are two of the most complimented coffee blends by many. Most of their coffee selection was prepared by their in-house barista that is why rest assured that all of their coffee is freshly brewed, served, and ready to be savored!

If you are visiting Perm and looking for a nice place to get cozy and enjoy a warm cup of coffee check out this coffee house Redcup in St. Revolution, 13/1 parking lot hypermarket TRK “Semya” Perm, Ural, Russia Federation.