The Next Big Thing In The Coffee Industry


Iced coffee has already been a prediction for the 2016 year in review on the future of coffee. Today signs and predictions are clearly shown, and there are no stopping or slowing down this booming industry of serving iced cold coffees.

Today, coffee chains are switching the traditional hot coffee trend into cold coffee products. These companies are increasingly identifying cold coffee products as major potential revenue generators either as café menu items.

The new breed of coffee companies is paving its way in the iced cold coffee bandwagon most of them also has their brick-and-mortar stores that serve cold coffee exclusively.

With what being say that iced cold coffee is the future of coffee, this is also the critical period for the direction of cold coffee and its booming industry. As this new era of coffee arise that consumers fell in love with the new trend where they demand more, coffee companies new and old entering this new era should stick to the baseline and respect the Specialty coffees. Coffee lovers had these ideas “that each coffee is unique, cold or otherwise; that quality always has value; and that it is unjust to paint with broad strokes the work of so many skilled and independent craftspeople, including the growers, roasters, and brewers.”

While we embrace this millennial stage of coffee, we should keep in mind that cold coffee is not technically all about cold brewing. There are a broader understanding and different types of iced cold coffee.

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